Thursday, 7 November 2013

Magic down in Rohan

Ah, the great city of Edoras by night. So beautiful! Then this accured! What is it? Some kind of magic? It seems that way - for what beast is there (save for those of magic), who could create something so beautiful?

Maybe my cousins, the two blue wizards, are summoning me? Or maybe, this a sign that Sauron has yet to return again? ~Gandalf

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Okay, i know this is a Lord of the Rings blog, but this place reminded me of the ruins of Cair Paravel. 

And it was by the sea too!! 

But this was by a boat dock, and under the water there was various boat pieces. A chain here, a strip of metal there. It made me wonder the history of the boat. Why had it sunk? What kind of boat was it? Was anyone hurt when it sank? How big was it? Just another story starter. 

An Adventure

Well, yesterday I, Frodo, hungered for adventure, so i traveled out of the Shire. 

^ The Shire, or home. :) ^

^ This is a pretty picture. And you can see extinct Mount Doom in the distance. ^

^ Mordor, this place still gives me creeps. ^

^ I also dreamed of the undying lands. I will have to go there someday. ^

While i was on the rock beach i climbed over some big boulders to watch at the sunset, and in between two ledges of rocks, there was a bed and a few other various living items. It made me wonder what lonely being had been there. Was it a tired traveler? A poor beggar? A  banished criminal? An adventurer like myself? What was their story? How did they end up there? Questions that will never be truly answered. (I did not have my camera so i couldn't take a picture of the scene :( ) 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Greetngs from Gandalf

Hullo there my friends. Just a little post to introduce my self. I'm Gandalf aka. Kristina.

There's a beautiful picture of me up a tree. See, even us other wizards like to get close to nature! It's not all Radagasts job! ~Gandalf Greyhame.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Waiting for Some Friends.

We have in our Fellowship so far Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry, and Lego-lass... Two dear friends of mine have offered to be Boromir and Gandalf. they are hired! :D We are still searching for the dwarf and Aragorn....BUT THEY WILL BE FOUND!
If you are not sure what this is yet let me enlighten you as I am best fit too.

Our names, Em-Frodo Me-Sam and so on, are our pen-names. We will post pictures and sometimes... even videos of us doing hobbitish things or just being LOTR geeks.

With love,

Monday, 21 October 2013

five of the 9

Frodo....or Em

Merry and Pippin.... or Catie and Gabbi
Sam....or Jess

And Miss Lego-lass :)